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As a premium brand, NEON designs each motorcycle with the sort of quality and integrity that inspires an exceptional riding experience. Beyond that, the upfront cost of a NEON is not what it appears to be when compared against its traditional internal combustion counterparts. Each mile ridden on a NEON is considerably less expensive, making it considerably more enjoyable, due to the elimination of routine powertrain maintenance and no gas expenses. As it turns out, when compared to other premium brands, a NEON starts saving the owner money on gas and maintenance from day one. In fact, over the life of their motorcycle many NEON owners actually save more than they would have if they had purchased a comparable internal combustion model.



More than 50 studies and analyses conclude: fewer emissions from plug-in vehicles

  • Plug-ins would provide carbon emissions reductions in 49 U.S. states, including some that are heavily dependent on coal
  • For a car – about a 70% reduction in emissions
  • For a motorcycle – over 90% reduction in emissions


Why NEON and Test Drive?

Aiming to be fully manufactured from Pakistan, Neon represents electrically efficient modes of transport.

Service and Support

Our workshop is equipped with all latest diagnostic systems to fully support & look after our customers

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