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Our Admin 20th May 2015 5 Comments

Biker’s insight - NeoneMotorbike are definitely going to mark their presence


Neon’s very first Customer’s insight is from Syed Sajjad Ali, a qualified Electrical Engineer of NED University in Karachi. He was assigned to assemble Neon e-Motorbikes, which were imported as SDK Kit from its own manufacturing factory located in China. This factory manufactures almost 100 types of eMotorbikes. After keenly assembling these NeoneMotobike, Sajjad Ali has professionally checked the technical aspects of these eMotorbikes

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Our Admin 20th May 2015 5 Comments

Cyclist’s Insight: NeoneBicycles are the real solution for typical needs across Pakistan


NeoneBicycles are symbolically deserving to assimilate in the line of various common, affordable and one of the most useful modes of transport for every age group and every family regardless of its rural or urban status. Amir Masih, a senior electrician with professional expertise, has tested, tried and enjoyed the frequent rides on NeoneBicycles. Presently imported from its own factory in China, these NeoneBicycles speak of their flawless assembling and manufacturing at an international level. Amir Masih happily shared his views about his riding experience on NeoneBicycles.

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