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Neon Events

20th May 2015

Bringing Neon into Public’s Notice


ITCN Asia was an IT exhibition and Neon availed this opportunity for getting public exposure. Neon team briefed the visitors about the Neon series. Flyers were also distributed at the stall, which was purposely retained for introducing financial equipment of the owner company.

20th May 2015

Admiration and appraisal for Neon Series


Second day proved to be more welcoming for Neon series that include eMotorcycles, eBicycles, and eTricycles. People turned back to the stall to know more about Neon. Some even showed willingness to buy Neon modes of transport. Many took keen interest to get to know about the efficiency, range and cost of Neon vehicles.

20th May 2015

Curiosity at its maxim on the last day

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Why eBike and Test Drive?

Neon represents stunning, electrically efficient modes of transport. Aiming to be fully manufactured from Pakistan

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